Planning Authority meet with Building Contractors

Building Contractors License class 1 to class 3 were invited to a workshop held at the ICCS on the 14th of September 2017. It was a half day meeting where the contractors were informed on the New Physical Planning Bill being finalized by the Authority as well as many Presentators. Representatives from Fair Trading Commission, Seychelles Licensing Authority, The department of Employment, The department of Environment and also from Public Health Authority were also present to interact with the contractors and answer to queries raised by them.

The workshop started by a warm welcome followed by an introductory remark from the CEO for the Authority, followed by an overview of the Planning Authority white paper Bill which is the Physical Planning Bill, Other presentators were the Director for the Development Control Section for the Authority and the Deputy CEO.

There was a period of intense interactions with the contractors where many points & concerns were raised such as fairness in Quota system for GOP, Procedures for upgrading Contractors, Consistency in monitoring & visits by Development Control Officers. Scope of license for various type of contractors. Provision of the New Law to tackle illegal construction, and the need for contractor council. A request was made to have the next meeting with contractors in the first quarter of 2018 to discuss the implementation of new measures proposed by the Deputy CEO of Planning Authority and also to discuss the law which will give rise to their new council.