Plans and Policies

The Seychelles Planning Authority (SPA) is continuously planning to make the Inner and Outer Islands of Seychelles a great place to work, live and visit. Integral to this is fine tuning plans and policies to make them more relevant to the changing environment and the challenges we face as our population grows.

Seychelles as a land of opportunity for diversification and economic growth, has prompted the Seychelles Planning Authority to commit to a planning system that will allow the country to accommodate for future growth effectively. As a developing country, the authority heeds lessons learnt from previous planning measures and build policies and plans to take us into the next decades and beyond.

The Development Plan is an aspect from the Planning ACT to be adopted by the Planning Authority which would comprise of a set of documents that set out the P
The Existing Conditions Report, collates and summarizes understanding of the current context in Seychelles.
Over the next year the Seychelles Planning Authority will be leading the production of a Strategic Plan for the country.
Seychelles Strategic and Land Use Plan 2040