Existing conditions report

The Existing Conditions Report, collates and summarizes understanding of the current context in Seychelles. It seeks to provide an overview of the country and starts to tease out how the information will inform and underpin the Plan. It therefore provides the foundation for all future deliverables on the project and upon which the Strategic Plan, Framework Plan and masterplan will be based.

Since Seychelles is an island nation, each of which has their own distinctive character and function, this report has been structured spatially, with chapters on the whole country followed by chapters on specific islands and/or groups of islands.

The report contains an analysis of the current context for the following thematic areas: population and demographics, the economy, housing, land use and land ownership, community facilities, climate and the environment, infrastructure including transport, utilities and flood risk and the security environment. The outcomes from stakeholder and community engagement are also documented.

This document is structured as follows:

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