Victoria Masterplan 2040

A thriving capital city is vital to Seychelles continued prosperity and the quality of life of its citizens. The Victoria Masterplan sets out a vision and a coordinated strategy to guide the future development and growth of Victoria as the economic and cultural heart of the nation over the next 25 years.

The world’s best cities are vibrant places with a mix of uses, good transport systems and a network of parks and green spaces which offer the best quality of life for their residents. Victoria has a wealth of assets - a wonderful waterfront setting, a rich cultural heritage, an international port and a beautiful natural environment - but it is not fulfilling its full potential at the present time. The overarching goal is to create a vibrant Creole Capital and Indian Ocean hub, which is an attractive place to live, work, visit and invest - a city which can embrace the challenges of the 21st Century whilst protecting and celebrating its heritage and culture.

To do this, it will be necessary to address issues of transport, public realm, economic development, infrastructure and quality of life in a holistic way. In accommodating change, the city must build on its assets and unique identity and seamlessly blend the past with the future. This is the role of the Victoria Masterplan; to provide a framework for the planning, design and management of new development and spaces and the protection and enhancement of existing assets. It is about place making and responding to the context of the city, through an understanding of its evolution, its functions, and its impacts and the opportunities for development and redevelopment. Ultimately it is about creating a great city that promotes people’s health, happiness, and well-being.

The Victoria Masterplan establishes a comprehensive vision for the capital and sets out key projects and initiatives which will guide the future development of the city. It seeks to harness economic opportunities to create buildings, places and spaces that celebrate Creole cultural heritage and make Victoria a great place to live, work and visit. A city which reaches out to the future whilst celebrating its past.

Relationship to the Seychelles Strategic Land Use and Development Plan

The Seychelles Strategic Land Use and Development Plan (‘the Plan’) provides the framework and detailed guidelines for growth, development and investment in Seychelles in the period up to 2040. Preparation of the Plan has highlighted the importance of Victoria to achieving future economic growth objectives and the need to strengthen its role and functions whilst allowing for the development of strong regional and local centres and ensuring good access to necessary infrastructure, services and facilities at the local level.

To ensure a coherent approach to future development, the Victoria Masterplan aligns with the policies contained within the Plan.

How has the Victoria Masterplan been Developed?

The Victoria Masterplan is a plan ‘for Seychelles by the Seychellois’. It has been developed through a collaborative process to ensure all voices were provided the opportunity to be heard. This included three Charettes where nearly 400 representatives of Government ministries, the private sector and non-governmental organisations attended and a series of public consultation events on on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

How to Use the Victoria Masterplan

The Victoria Masterplan provides the vision and framework for future development, infrastructure provision, environmental management and protection. It will also be a tool for coordinated decision making and for attracting new investment.

It is anticipated that the Masterplan will be used in a variety of ways:

  • By Government ministries and departments: Sets the context within which the Land Use Plans should be reviewed and prepared.
  • Will be an advisory plan approved by GoS which will guide the consideration and determination of planning applications by Seychelles Planning Authority.
  • By developers and other sectors to inform future development proposals. The Masterplan provides guidance on the amount and type of growth anticipated across Seychelles and sets out detailed requirements with which development proposals will be expected to demonstrate compliance.

The Area Covered by the Victoria Masterplan

The masterplan area is defined in Figure 1.1 and comprises:

Central Victoria - the area between Ile du Port in the north, the Commercial Port to the south and the city centre and Botanical Gardens to the west.

Wider Victoria - the area between Ile Aurore in the north, Providence to the south and Bel Air to the west.

The following districts and reclaimed islands are fully or partially included within the Victoria Masterplan boundary:

  • Bel Air;
  • English River;
  • Les Mamelles;
  • Mont Buxton;
  • Mont Fleuri;
  • Plaisance;
  • Roche Caiman;
  • Saint Louis;
  • Cascade;
  • Eden Island;
  • Ile Aurore;
  • Ile du Port; and
  • Ile Perseverance.

Structure of the Document

The Masterplan is structured as follows:

Chapter 2 sets out the strategic context and future opportunities including forecast growth requirements and the key issues that must be addressed in accommodating development and achieving the transformation of the city.

Chapter 3 presents the overall vision for Victoria and sets out the key strategies and policies that will guide future regeneration, growth and development in the city.

Chapters 4-9 detail the key projects and initiatives that will deliver the vision and strategies and drive the transformation of Victoria.

Chapter 10 sets out an action plan for implementation of the Victoria Masterplan, including partnership working, phasing and priority projects.