Reporting Breaches

Breaches of planning conditions or suspected unauthorised works may be reported to our Customer Centre on 4674576 or Project Secretary for DCO on 4674531 or email us on: . Alternatively, you can report a breach using our prescribed Planning Complaints report form below.

When reporting a breach, please give your contact details. It is likely that we will need to contact you to clarify something or to supply further information. We will also keep you informed of progress and let you know the outcome of the investigation. Your identity will be kept confidential.

Please also supply the following information wherever possible:

  • the address or location of the place where the breach is taking place and a description of the breach;
  • if known, the name and address of the person or organisation responsible.

If appropriate, please include any relevant dates and times of specific incidents. You may supply evidence such as photographs.

All reports we receive of alleged breaches will be investigated and the identities of persons making allegations are not revealed to the parties under investigation.

Your information
Breach information
Who do you think is responsible?